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What is the difference between Cereal Number and what I can buy at the store?

We’d like to think there is a world of difference. We care more about flavors and quality that the cost of an ingredient. We love cereal and are on a mission to always bring out new cereal that is amazing. We bake fresh every month. We even have our own chef crafting each new recipe. We are a fast moving team of bakers and shakers. We have a simple rule: If it’s not delicious, unique & healthy, we won’t make it.

Why do you use sugar and honey instead of sugar substitutes?

We prefer to use real sugars in moderation instead of looking for ways to fake sweetness. We are constantly working to keep sugar low, including some very low sugar "savory" cereals in the works.

How often to you introduce new cereals?

We plan to bring out new recipes every few months in addition to offering limited edition seasonal flavors and surprise

How do you come up with new flavors?

Sometimes we dream them up, sometimes you tell us! Have something in mind? We love feedback and suggestions. Let us know at:

Can I give a cereal subscription as a gift?

We plan to offer a gifting option very soon! It should be perfect for cereal lovers, roommates, college kids and kids of all ages.

What are seasonal “Member Only” flavors?

These are a special flavors only available to subscribers. We do this as a way to say thanks and also to explore new ideas with our members. These flavors are always free and come in addition to whatever cereals you’ve requested that month. You don’t have to do anything, we ship them out automatically approximately 4 times a year.

Can I find out what the “members only” flavors are?

What would be the fun of that? You can be assured it will be unique and also held in secrecy until the cereal ships. It’s more fun to be surprised right? Some things you just can’t Google.



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