A new cereal company?
That's right. We are
doing something new.

As you might expect, we're big fans of cereal. Every cool cat knows that pouring a late night bowl of cereal is one of life's hidden pleasures. (And not too bad for breakfast either.)

Well one night we were digging around the kitchen for something more flavorful and less sugary. So we started mixing different cereals together. (Imagine taking Cheerios and adding a bit of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and you get the idea.) That night inspired us to begin baking our own flavors from scratch. "What happened?" you ask? "People" in the house kept stealing our new cereals. It was clear we needed a more secure location.

So we set up a workshop (in Sausalito, CA) where we could perfect our recipes and share them with the world. Two years and 250+ test batches later we were finally satisfied with our first four recipes.

You'll see our cereals are pretty different. Bound by a simple rule: We only make flavors that excite us. (And hopefully you.) We start with noticeably better ingredients, like thick cut oats and real honey. Then we add unique twists like citrus + pistachios. Or macadamia + chocolate + banana. You could say we are obsessed with creating flavors that never existed before.

Seriously, we hope you’ll never eat a bowl of ordinary cereal again.

Eat some and tell us what you think. If you don’t love it, it’s on us and we will take it back and eat it ourselves.


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